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College Conference

College Conference | July 28-29

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." - John 13:35

Jesus told His disciples that the way in which they would evidence their connection to Him would not be their individual behavior alone, but their corporate life together. It would be in the context of their love for each other that their discipleship to Jesus would be made known.

Often the problems in the culture become problems in church life. Today, one such problem is the weakening of community. While the digital revolution has left us more connected than ever, it also seems that it has made us more individualistic and isolated.  In her fascinating book Alone Together, MIT researcher and professor Sherry Turkle argued that the availability of an infinite number of superficial relationships has weakened authentic relationships. Connectivity has trumped community.

Despite the shifts in cultural trends, the nature of the Christian life remains the same. The faith is not lived in isolation: though becoming a Christian is personal, living as one is anything but private. According to Jesus' words in John 13, being a disciple is inseparable from being involved in a community of disciples, and we know that community is the church. We see this throughout the Book of Acts in the lives of the first believers. The bulk of New Testament instruction was not simply written to believers, but believers living for Jesus in the context of particular churches. Even Epistles penned to individuals (1 Timothy, Titus, etc.) refer to the life of the church numerous times, because in the days of the apostles a Christian was assumed to be a church member.

It is unfortunate that for many, church has become a place to meet a person's individual needs rather than a community that calls for a commitment to love, accountability, and service with others. Has church become the place where your needs are met, where you must enjoy the music, where you look for encouragement? Are church services events that individuals attend? If that is what church means to you, then according to Jesus, you may have spent years as a Christian without giving evidence that you are a follower of Him.

The theme for the 2017 College Conference is "Together: Living for Christ by Loving Your Church." We believe that our generation cannot live for Christ as they ought without investing their lives in the churches to which they belong. We seek to give you a renewed passion to serve Jesus by living in the community He has created.

 Our speakers this year will be Pastors Josh Merrell and Billy Ingram.

The conference will start on Friday evening, and to assist in providing the necessary materials, food, etc. a $25 registration fee will be collected from all attendees.

Attendance at the conference is open to those preparing to enter their senior year of high school and all college aged individuals. It is never too early for you and your college class to start praying about what God wants you to do in the area of attending this conference.  The registration deadline is July 9, 2017.  Please make this conference a matter of consideration and prayer.

If you have any immediate questions you can  contact David Harris at 417-833-1529 and dharris@bereansgf.org.

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